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Saturday, 23 March 2013

One Channel Now Available for All YouTube Users

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YouTube’s One Channel is now available for all users after spending about a month in beta.
The new layout includes cover photos and trailers in an effort to “make your new channel look great on browsers across all screens and devices,” YouTube product manager Jeb Havens says in a post on the YouTube Creators blog.
avatar“It will also help you convert more visitors into subscribers with a slot for a channel trailer, and you can customize how you organize your videos and playlists so it fits your programming strategy.”
The redesign, Havens says, received its final tweaks over the past month after collecting and implementing suggestions from early users and creators.
YouTube image iJustine sports the new One Channel look.
YouTube image
iJustine sports the new One Channel look.
Havens suggests trying the following three activities to get the most out of your new channel:
Create a trailer that will play for any visitor who has yet to subscribe to your channel. “This is your chance to hook them and win a new fan,” he says. “Treat this trailer as if it were an ad. Keep it short and engaging and have a compelling call to action at the end.”
• Create and upload a large, eye-catching piece of channel art to act as your channel’s visual identity. Unlike the branding on the old channels, your channel art will look good across all screens and devices, no matter the size.
• Organize your channel’s videos and playlists so they are functional both for your audience and for your programming.
Now, when your subscribers click on your channel from the guide, your full channel appears rather than just your activity feed.
YouTube image
YouTube image
“With the new channel home and customizable sections, you’re in control of what subscribers see when they click on your channel from the guide,” Havens says.
To get started, go to www.youtube.com/onechannel and click the button at the bottom. YouTube will migrate your channel to the new design, and take you through it step-by-step. For a limited time, you will have the option of switching back to the previous design if you like it better.
Tips and strategies on optimizing your YouTube One Channel, can be found under Channel Optimization in the YouTube Creator Playbook.

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