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Friday, 15 March 2013

Having a Millionaire Mindset

A human mind is a very powerful tool. There is a quote by Anton Chekhov "Man is what he believes." If you wish to be successful and rich, you will first have to change the way that you perceive wealth in your mind.
Having a limiting belief that you cannot achieve high wealth status will sabotage your road to success. If you do not believe that you will be rich and successful in the future, do you think that you will design a work plan and take specific action to your success? I absolutely doubt so.
You will find all sorts of excuses not to take action, rather than spending your precious time to plan and work towards your goal. I understand that just having a right mindset is of no use if actions are not taken. But if you are open minded enough, it will really kick-start a lot of things.
Just imagine that if you know that you will not fail to become a very rich and successful person, what actions or steps will you do to work towards it then? I bet that you will think of whole lot of ways just to reach your goal.
I have come across a book titled "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. In one of the chapter, he encourages the readers not to have limiting beliefs such as "I cannot afford this", "I cannot do this". Instead of telling yourself you cannot do this or that, try asking yourself "How can I afford this?", "How I can achieve his?"
While you ask yourself the word "HOW", it will open up your mind to think of all the possibilities of achieving what you want.
So people, start thinking like millionaires now, and let's work towards our goal together.
Cheow Yu Yuan,
Co-Founder www.HomeBizGears.com


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