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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Facebook For Business

facebookFacebook For Business
Most people know that Facebook was originally intended for college students in the US to be able to keep in contact with one another.
However, it is now widely used for business purposes. Each user can create an individual profile with pictures, information about their interests and details about their lives. As a result, it enables users to contact literally millions of people from all over the world, and who can easily be put into categories such as geographical location, educational establishment, political view, workplace etc.
Using Your Account Wisely
As users are only entitled to have one Facebook account, it is vital at the outset that you decide whether you will use Facebook primarily for business or for personal use (and therefore have your business or personal contacts on it.) It is possible to separate the two: you can keep your personal contacts as your friends, while setting up a fan page for your business.
Do Your Research
As with all marketing strategies it is vital that you take time to consider how you will use Facebook to promote your business.
Look at your competitors’ pages: who has the most successful Facebook page and what makes it so effective? You’ll notice that blatant promotion of their business is generally not the main focus. For example, if you put too many links back to your website this will quickly put other users off.
Facebook can be an effective way to announce important developments related to your business to a large number of people simultaneously. Invitees to your event can visibly RSVP, which can also be an effective way to reaffirm its importance.
Of course, you’re not limited to just using Facebook to enhance your business status online. Linkedin offers a professional, adult atmosphere; Twitter is arguably the ‘hot’ social networking site of the last 12 months; and of course there’s MySpace: these each have their own strengths and features and can work well for different types of businesses.
However, before you use a social networking site to promote your business it is imperative that you have a clear idea of your strategy and what it is you intend to achieve before embarking on any kind of social networking activity.
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