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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Are Backlinks Still Effective – Is Backlink Building Dead?

Of course backlinks are not dead, that would mean that every search engine has now changed their entire algorithms to no longer count backlinks. Its unrealistic to think that gaining naturally dripped backlinks from IP diverse, niche focused blogs wouldn’t benefit us any longer… that would be simply crazy talk!
Content Marketing is about growth, engagement and traffic generation. Granted it takes effort to grow you sites rankings and engagement but if you don’t start growing and adapting today, when are you going to do it?
Lets start with the basics to help you get going in the right direction:
Have your house in order… if you don’t have your onpage SEO work completed already, don’t worry about any off page link building because its not going to do you abit of good if your on your onpage isn’t solid. Once you have your site ready, then its time to begin to focus on your off page SEO efforts.
Have you done your Keyword Research?
Don’t go any further until you know what keywords you are targeting, is your research done, do you have your keywords ready? For example we hope you don’t target “dogs” because that is way to broad a category, its not specific enough to provide you with targeted traffic . Its always better to target long tails such as “Dog Collars For Dobermans” etc. Take your time, there are plenty of free resources out there for refining your keyword list with the best free resource being Google AdWords.
Remember what you put in is what you get out :
Build out your content and keep it fresh because that is what people want. Provide value at every step of the way so that when the person decides to make a purchase, your site is top of their mind. This is what the best brands do and there is no reason why you cannot do the same within your niche.
Write for your readers 1st and the engines will love you for it:
Be natural, don’t try to keyword stuff, load or write an advertising article, bring value to your readers. Where appropriate include relevant images, infographics or video to help your readers engage with your content. Quality content will yield better results, pay more attention understanding your readership and target them with content they want to read about!
Social Media is now being used for ranking metrics, not just any social signal will do, you need social signals from real people and profiles that have a certain level of edge rank, influence and engagement:
Don’t buy likes or followers from services like Fiver, soon you will find that not only will these empty unengaging profiles not provide any ranking lift, they might end up hurting you. With the UAW Social Exchange, you will receive real likes, shares, tweets, retweets, G+ and views from real people. Take advantage of this service, its free, its powerful, its needed for 2013
UAW has moved beyond simply facilitating a system and a article marketing community, we have embraced the ever changing landscape of the new SEO. Over the past 24 months UAW has been testing & analyzing what works and what doesn’t, tweaked our systems to ensure that UAW remains the most effective and cost efficient community driven Content and Social marketing platform available to everyone, not just the privileged few.
To learn more about how UAW has evolved, you can listen to the very candid conversation I had with David Jenyns of Melborne SEO, where we covered many topics such as Google Disavow, Backlink Building and how UAW consistently tests and monitors performance for members. You can listen to the full interview here
Once you are ready, you will see that UAW has a tight integration of social media where members can now achieve greater results and more engagement to grow their business & traffic, not only to increase search rankings but for social engagement and social search. Take a look and see how you can achieve growth in a natural and safe way through the use of UAW:
Great infographic depicting the various services UAW Members have access to!
Great infographic depicting the various services UAW Members have access to!
Remember, don’t simply build links all nilly willy, as you can see below you should try to achieve the “money” as it relates to a natural mix to help you rank in today’s environment:
Content marketing, Technical SEO and Social make up the new seo
Content marketing, Technical SEO and Social make up the new seo

Yes backlinks are still effective, yes they still work for ranking BUT, you need to have a natural, healthy mix of backlinks that include social metrics (not bought from false or shell profiles) from real people all available to you inside!
Key Takeaways:
  • Write for readers 1st (not search engines) include images and videos where appropriate
  • Focus on your on page optimization, if you don’t, your simply wasting your time
  • Detailed keyword research is a must, take your time, look for the longtail keywords – focus on 5 to start
  • Be natural when your ready to build links – spamming 1000′s of links just isn’t natural, you will raise red flags
  • Write for your readers, not search engines
  • Social is now part of SEO and do make a difference for your rankings
  • Fresh Unique Content is an important metric for search algo rythms, update your site often with fresh original content
  • Rankings and Engagement take time, it has to grow so the sooner you plant the seeds, the sooner you can reap the rewards of your efforts!

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