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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

4 Important Social Media Marketing Tips For 2013

With the current social media explosion, you’re probably aware of how online networks and social sites have become a part of modern living. Most of us opened accounts for our personal use, but we soon discovered how these sites could be utilized for other things. They are now much more than ways to keep in touch with our friends – they have in fact become powerful tools for marketing our products and services online. With networks like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, it’s now easy to reach a broader audience we normally wouldn’t come in contact with.
We have to remember that social media is still continually evolving. Sites have not only increased in number, but they’ve also developed more possibilities for sharing and spreading content. This growth has caused trends and patterns in user behavior, ultimately affecting the way marketing is done. It has thus become important to constantly update our marketing strategies.
There is no single fixed formula for a rapidly changing phenomenon, but there are some things you can do to keep up with current trends. Below are the top 4 social media marketing tips for 2013.
1. Be visual
Marketing has become heavily visual these days. Images easily attract attention, and they can be easily shared at the click of a mouse. It would benefit you to use stunning graphics, reduce your text to a few catchy words and include them in your graphic. Be sure to insert your website and/or e-mail address somewhere in there too.
Graphic files are the most shared content on Facebook, and it’s the best way to go viral these days. Pinterest is currently the fastest growing social media site, so put that account to good use.
2. Actively pursue your audience
These days, marketing isn’t just about making yourself or your product known; it’s now a whole new ballgame. Traditional advertising is no longer an effective way to attract customers. In fact, today’s internet-savvy audience is so used to being bombarded with all sorts of information that they rarely respond to advertising.
The bottom line is to actively pursue your customers by interacting with them. Make it a point to answer their inquiries and provide sufficient information. Involve them by asking questions and holding surveys; be sure to acknowledge their replies. Let them feel like they are part of content creation by asking them what they would like to see more of; you can even ask a few active subscribers to contribute posts. Every few months, hold an interesting event such as a giveaway or a get-together.
Use social media for building relationships more than for selling. Don’t just try to push your product, but get a feel for your customers’ needs. Help them come up with ideas that will benefit them, not just your business. Be accommodating and helpful; provide links to resources if you feel this can improve your service.
Review your statistics regularly so you can know what works for your audience, and what doesn’t. Observe patterns such as times when your subscribers are most active, or the kind of content people respond to the most.
3. Target the most influential people
Make it a point to target people who have the most potential to spread a good word about your product. This means influential bloggers, people with blogs related to your product, or simply users with the most followers. Each time they re-share your content, it’s automatically re-shared with all their followers. If you are able to maintain a good relationship with them, any positive comment or post they make about you results in instant promotion.
4. Be intentional and relevant
Make it a point to be intentional: have a goal every week, and post things that will help you achieve it. If, for example, your goal is to make your new product known to your audience, intentionally compose posts about your product that are both informative and helpful. Don’t bother with useless trivia and spammy content that might just annoy your followers and cause them to unfollow you.
Create quality content that will keep your subscribers interested and encourage them to share it with others. Don’t feel pressured to say something every minute; instead, post things that your customers will appreciate. Steer clear of random updates like, “Going to the mall,” or “Having a hearty lunch”, unless it achieves your goal.
Part of being intentional is having a good idea about your target audience. Know what kind of people (in terms of age, gender, interest, etc.) you want to reach, then make content that specifically speaks to them. It’s more profitable to have a particular audience that is interested and engaged, rather than a wide number of followers who don’t care. It’s those people in your target group who will likely avail of your product or service, even promote it, so focus on meeting their needs.
These top 4 social media marketing tips for 2013 are easy enough to do, and will certainly be helpful in the coming year. Still, it’s important to remember that the social media phenomenon is continually developing, so your online marketing strategies should likewise evolve. It’s best to constantly update yourself so you can keep up with a fast-changing world.

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